A meditation trip to London

I’m just coming back from London.

I was in Southall to be in a all night meditation event.


The travel was easy (to go) a little bit sleepy because I was working until 4:00 am in a customer website fire. It was extinguished.

Good company and a nice flight, arrival at Gatwick and going by train to Victoria Station, Such a big station! Every thing is global. And every thing appears to be the same.
In London, the people much more crazy and zombie than in Madrid but in the same scale.

And in Victoria we were planning how to go to Southall and fortunately we ask the person in the ticket sale, he retouched the metro plan and put some crosses on the tube lines out of service and give us some other travel plan via Paddington to go to Southall.

The tickets were really expensive, the food (Pastry) in Victoria Station very good and the chocolate chai was a formidable discover.

Finally we went to the tube and get impressed with the electrical stairs with the walls adorned by hundreds of screens showing the same commercial in different 2 or four variety’s. I’m sure people produce less problems when they are absorbed wit the last digitalphotophonePDAagenda machine.

Interesting to be in London. When we finally arrive to Southall, Little India.
We were fascinated seeing to many sikhs and being in such a a mixture place. Then we did some shopping and have dinner before to go to the meditation.

The meditation was in a GIGANT gurudwara, ocuping one complete square and having the main hall (the gurudwara itself) like 1000 – 2000 square meters completely clear.

If you have being in a Gurudwara, like in our wedding its a main altar in which is the Guru itself (The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a boo with the compilation of the saints words of that epoch including the ten sikh gurus) and people sit aside on the left women and at right side men.

Like in every temple or meditation or yoga class, the most were woman (more than double or may be four or five times more)

The meditation itself consisted on 9 hours of meditation on the mantra “Wahe Guru”. This mantra was given by Guru Nanak who was consider as a saint by musling hindues and as the their founder by the sikhs.

Yogi Bhajan told that Guru Nanak meditated by eons before to bring this mantra.
And this mantra was played in a variety of Rags (or Ragas, that means Rythms or forms)

The nine hours were divided more or less in three pieces of two and half hours and having little breaks in which you can go down to the first flour and have some tea, water, fruit or just have a complete Indian style dinner.

The meditation was amazing and having moments of total ecstasy and tones of love and consciousness. And at other parts I was fighting with the sleepiness or in some little (I think only two, wit the posture).

It was a very pure and clarifying event with a lot of awareness given as a gift and it was amazing.

I think you would enjoy it.

In one of the breaks I went to say hello to the organizer and master of the musicians, Prof. Surinder Singh, we know him and we organized a concert for him in Madrid and stayed in somen courses with him in Madrid, France summer kundalini yoga festival and in The Lugo kundalini yoga festival.
He is a very interesting person, is a musician, is a master and he was a pilot of the army in India. Has a lot of interesting storys.
And we have a very good relation. He asked about our project (Guadalajara – Brihuega) and sugested to organize the next Dukh Bhanjan there. Glooops.

Every thing was fine.

The meditation finished about 6 and half more or less and the people of our group went back to Victoria Station heading to Gatwick

And we (me and a very good friend from the ancient times of The Tropezón and my wedding with Sarabjit) stayed and decided to have a nap (3 hours) and try to buy some turbants the group asked to us to buy.
When we wake up went to the clothes shop but still closed until 11 am) so we go to a restaurant to have some breakfast. My friend was a little disappointed because there were no sweet and classical breakfast thing ,in fact it was a tipical indian food, spicy and consistent. Ah! such paranthas (like chapaties with smashed potato inside and several vegetables spinachs and so)

Well a tipical day in england I supposed, rainy grey and dark, I enjoyed a Lot with my sandals being in a tipical english day that could be a near stormy day in spain.

We go back to paddington and then tubing to Victoria Station.
We take a look to the pannels or information and check that our next train departs in 15 minutes.
So we went to the italian pastry an coffee shop and get some thing to eat. The delicious chai with chocolate would have an amazing effect uno hour after.

We went back to the pannels and pass some stressfull minutes seeing that the train that supoussly depart at 12:30 was not in the pannel (was but without platform) at 12:31. Arghhh!!!!
First the put a “delayed” mark and after a while it was substituyed by a “cacelled” and indications to overcome this trip with an esoteric combination of bus, metro and train.

We aks some of the staff in the station and she was so clear: that is imposible and unusefull, take a taxi and share it.

Ok, we run to take a taxi having some tremors because everything in transport in London is REALLY EXPENSIVE and that in POUNDS -like one euro and thirty by one pound-.

And the last group of persons in the taxi lane, we asked them and they agreed to share the taxi.

And now begin our meditation landing.
London is a huge city with very few big streets, ans the London City has grown so much that to go to the airport by car you must do a tricky way crossing thousands of little streets and in fact it is an hour, more or less forty five minutes of little streets and 10 minutes or 15 of freeway.
The result was that I was sited in one seat pointed to back, and the tricky and like Himalayan trip crossing and turning street by street and the marvelous powers of the chocolate chai make a terrible effect in my stomach.

During the trip we had a very fun and complete conversation with our taxi mates and I learned a lot about Switzerland and Genebre, they live there and the were coming back from a working weekend in London, and they told us the this kind of fails like the train break and change of schedule was totally normal in London. At the point tha people cannot know if they are going to spend one hour or the whole morning to arrive some point.

Also we where talking about this effect about economics and about political things and how the crass is going to smash the spanish economy. I was afraid that they were prety much aware about spanish economy and politics than the spanish people.

Finally we arrive the airport having some also interesting conversations with the driver about the path an how and why not to take none of the traffic signals to Gatwick.
The very good conversation stopped and we payed 100 pounds more or less. (we payed the half I think)

They run to the airport and I stayed outside and felt the need to take out of me the chocolate chai.
And I did it. Fortunatly I had a bag and nothing happend to my while bana (tipical sikh wear).

Ok, just some breathings and go into the airport. We arrived at 14:05 and our flight at 14:10 was not in the screens. It departed before!!! (Or more probably closer to reality is that them take out it from the screen listing when the boarding was closed)

Hurry up to o to the boards of the company (British airways) and very kindly the woman give us the option of take a bus and go to Heathrow Airport and talk with Iberia and try to reuse the lost flight, but she also said, or you can first of all go to Air-Comet and ask them about to flight to Madrid (At this point in Gatwick airport terminal North, they were having a lot of Spanish people with the same problem: the -for us- unpredictable train fail.)

We run to Air comet and they send us to Fly sales desks, and fortunately my flight mate and very good friend had a credit card and we could pay for the last two -cheap- tickets to Madrid at the price of 185 Pounds each.

We run out totally of pounds and fortunately the card worked, and we o back.

And at the arrival in Madrid, we took the metro to go to Barajas village and the took the car and come to see a friend Amrit Pal Kaur  who kindly prepared for us a light dinner. And have a lot of fun and good moments.

And that’s all about my trip to London.

Now I depart to the airport again to pickup Sarabjit -my personal goddess- and go back home.

I enjoyed a lot the travel and it was like a whole week.

The meditation and the sleep is doing the effect and I feel like in a cloud.

Enjoy your life and allow other to share this goodness.
Have a hug, friends and family.

Sat Nam

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No hay mucho que decir de cierta importancia sobre mi. Soy Sikh, profesor de Kundalini Yoga, también formador de profesores de K.Y. y doy algunas clases de K.Y. He sido programador de páginas web con resultados dispares. También he sido profesor de programación y diseño elemental de páginas web con HTML, JavaScript y PHP. Afortunadamente colaboro con una academia de renombre en el aspecto técnológico: CICE, donde doy cursos basados sobretodo en tecnología web: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ajax. Así como MySQL http://www.ciceonline.com Siempre relacionado con tecnologías de código abierto. Ahora estoy volcado en un proyecto de comunidad yóguica en el campo, en Guadalajara. Well there is not more important to say about Devta except that it's me! I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, spanish, fallero, and I had being a computer programmer, oriented to PHP and Web Pages and Web Applications. Fortunatly I work in CICE, a technology and computer academy, in Madrid. http://www.ciceonline.com. There I teach PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX and other web related techonolgy, and MySQL. Always related open source technology and code. Now I teach K.Y. classes and teachers training courses. More and more I am working to build up a little yoguic community in the country, in Guadalajara, near Madrid (Spain).

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One comment on “A meditation trip to London
  1. Bahadur Kaur dice:

    Dear dear Devta,

    I found this post absolutely by chance and… it was delicious!! I had a lovely (and funny) time reading it! LOL 🙂
    I love London and never had any public transportation problems there (the fact that I was only there three or four times probably has something to do with it).
    I know that you and Sarabjit are going to teach the Teachers Traaining in Galicia – wahe guru!! 🙂 I’m forwarding the info to my students in the North of Portugal.
    Take care, love to both of you, Sat Nam!


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